Text Correction: Everything you need to know about the service used by thousands of students each year

Text Correction: Everything you need to know about the service used by thousands of students each year

You have written a text, but you are not sure if it is error free and would like to have it checked? Great idea! Then you need to know something more about proofreading and ask yourself if it makes sense at all?

What does a text correction require?

Our agency offers a text correction service, otherwise called proofreading or proofreading, which aims to avoid possible spelling errors when writing academic texts. Above all, it’s about proper punctuation, grammar and corresponding lexic. A professional will check your text for all sorts of grammatical errors as well as typos and correct them if they are found. At this point, however, it must be emphasized that a text correction does not require any content-related adaptation. That is, the professional reads the text, but he must not make any changes that would enter the content of the written. We had such an experience when our pro made a text correction and the client received negative feedback on the content from their professor. He has addressed to us a complaint that the author has not done his work carefully, and therefore we have to pay him back the money. In this case, we can not do anything, because if the customer orders a proofreading, it means that the author makes no substantive adjustment and corrects only spelling mistakes. Our authors review the texts of any kind and size. As far as the languages ​​are concerned, customers can choose between two options: German text correction or English text correction.

Why is it worthwhile to order a proofreading?

There are two possible reasons for this. The first leads back to selective perception of man. We’ve already talked about that in our article on “proofreading”, so here’s just a brief summary: Because of selective perception, you do not notice your own mistakes. Therefore it is worthwhile to hand over the text to another person for proofreading. The second reason is that there are quite a few of the so-called typical spelling mistakes that can even mislead the most experienced authors, not to mention average students. Some examples of this are “terrace” instead of “terrace”, “tiger” instead of “tiger”, “total” instead of “total”, “morning early” instead of “tomorrow”, etc. In addition, there are many words that have a fluctuating genus ( in particular, it affects foreign words, such as “fire”, “spectacle”, “fact” and others). With such words, it is fairly easy to make a mistake and unfortunately automatic text correction does not always help to avoid such mistakes. Therefore, in this situation proofreading by professional authors can be a saving straw. After our proofreader checks your text, their work is handed over to our quality department, where this time the paper is checked again for grammatical errors and plagiarism with the help of special software.

Proofreading Bachelor Thesis or Dissertation – our authors do it all!

Any student who independently prepares a bachelor thesis wants their work to be ideal at the time of submission. We understand this and appreciate the effort of our customers, so we only hand over the orders to highly qualified authors, who are constantly involved in proofreading and are, so to speak, at home in this matter. Our authors optimize your text to such an extent that your professor will not find any grammatical errors. Whether it will be a simple housework or a scrupulous diploma thesis, does not matter to our authors – we make everything ideal!

Correction bachelor thesis duration?

All work is checked by two independent “institutions”: first by a proofreader and then by a quality department. Accordingly, one has to understand that two reviews take more time than just one. If you go to our order form and select “Editing / Proofreading” in the “Work Form”, you will see that your work can be reviewed in 24 hours, 3/4/7/10/20 or 30 days. However, if you need proofreading for a PhD thesis or for a 40-page bachelor thesis, we would recommend giving the proofreader at least 3 days to do a qualitative review.

Proofreading prices

As with all our services, proofreading prices depend on the deadline and the number of pages. The sooner you make an order and the bigger it is, the more money you have to spend on it. Standard price for one page of text with the urgency of 10 days is just over $8.

Tips to avoid spelling mistakes

Corrector wanted, but not found? Such a situation can happen. Furthermore, we give short tips that help you to find spelling errors when writing your work and to correct them yourself.

Tip 1: When it comes to a small text, read it out loud. This quickly reveals bumpy sentence structure and grammatical errors.

Tip 2: Set your software properly. Set up your software correctly to help you identify spelling mistakes.

Tip 3: Four eyes see more than two. Give your text to the friend or family member. So you could get feedback and change something in the writing.

Tip 4: Read backwards! Of course, reading backwards is quite complicated and it takes a lot of time, but this trick has its own advantages. When read in this way, each word is individually perceived by the eye and checked by the brain independently of context. Thus, selective perception does not “harm” your text.


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