Rewriting of scientific texts

Rewriting of scientific texts

The texts can not only be written but also rewritten, that is an undisputed fact. Who usually uses such an unusual service, why does one do that, when does it make sense to have a text rewritten? And the most important question – how does this service work in our service, we try to discuss further.

Who can rewrite texts?

There are generally three broad categories of customers who have texts rewritten. These are entrepreneurs, freelance writers and students. In the business world, such a service comes about when it comes to presenting a company or its advertising campaign or application process. In the first two cases, supervisors very often prepare different presentations to introduce your company and persuade stakeholders to make a decision that is in line with the objectives of the operation. For this complicated legal information, which must be mentioned, sound understandable and convincing. The text rewriting allows this to be achieved. Another example of the application of text rewriting is the application process. For example, applicants often have their motivation letters rewritten to make them more persuasive and reputable, and to make a positive impression on the prospective employer. As far as freelance writers are concerned, these people rewrite their lyrics if the publisher does not accept their text for whatever reason (for example, because of inappropriate style or too high error density). Such authors themselves are unable to rewrite “their work” to fit the publisher’s requirements and therefore have it rewritten by other agencies. The last category is students. You can rewrite your term paper or term paper and in this way increase your chances of getting a good grade. Exactly with this category work our expert!

When does it make sense to rewrite scientific texts?

It is useful to rewrite the text if simple proofreading is not enough to bring the quality of writing to a high level. When editing the text is not completely rewritten, but optimized, so to speak linguistically. For the most part it is about the adaptation of the text style and the expression as well as the correction of grammatical errors. If there are too many corrections and if the idiom is very bad, then for an author it is often more meaningful to completely rewrite the text than to correct individual parts. It’s hard to believe, but for a real professional, rewriting is both easier and less time-consuming. The second reason for text rewriting is complicated citation. It is often the case that the student is not well versed in the Zieterien, so the percentage of plagiarism in the text can be too high and the work of a professor can not be accepted. If the students fail to cite properly indirectly, they have no choice but to rewrite individual blocks of text. And our authors would like to help such students!

How does rewrite of scientific texts?

Our ghostwriters are real fans and can rewrite any lyrics, whether they’re rewriting a ballad into a report or rewriting a text into teenage language, our writers do it all! Before you have your work rewritten, we would like to introduce you to our service so that you understand how rewriting works at all. After you pay for this service, the order will be put into action and the author will rewrite the text sentence by sentence, preserving the main sense of the original text and adhering to the logic of the writing. The content of the text remains invariable. After the author prepares the text, the work of our quality department is passed on, with our staff reviewing the written material for all possible errors and plagiarism.

What are the prices for rewriting?

Since our target group is students and young scientists, we would like to explain how the prize is made by rewriting a scientific paper. The price for such types of work depends on three criteria. These are urgency, academic level and page number. The minimum price for rewriting is $8.96 for one page. The less time you give the author for rewriting, the harder a job is and the more pages you need, the higher the price of the order.

We would be very happy to get you as our customer and wish you success in your academic writing!


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