Bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation translate into other languages

Bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation translate into other languages

Today’s world is very open and with each passing day it becomes even more globalized. We order mobile phones and drones at international online shops. On vacation, we go somewhere in the Caribbean or make trip to the polar lights. In the social networks we communicate with people from Kenya, Japan and Peru. Although many of us now speak several languages, the demand for such services as written translation or simultaneous translation remains high. If you are interested in such service and how translation works for our agency, we will tell you more.

For whom is scientific translation of interest?

Most of our clients are students, doctoral candidates and experienced scientists. As far as students are concerned, we can tell from our experience that this category of clients usually requires translations in two cases. Either they are exchange students and have little language skills to do a qualitative scientific work in a foreign language. For example, they write a term paper in their native language and can then have it translated completely. Or they would like to become exchange students and need a translation for their letter of motivation or letters of recommendation when applying for a study place abroad. Our translation service also provides assistance to young doctoral candidates and experienced researchers who, for example, want to publish their articles or research reports in international journals and need a translation for them.

Bachelor-Thesis, Master-Thesis or Dissertation-Thesis Translation at

Our experts also help students translate their theses. For example, students doing their Master’s Degree somewhere abroad are often interested in the Bachelor Thesis Translation to apply any thesis later in their subsequent research. The translation of such scientific papers requires not only a good knowledge of foreign languages, but also sufficient expertise. That is why we only assign such orders to experienced authors who have already confirmed their linguistic and technical skills several times. We guarantee that the customer gets a qualitative and grammatically correct text at the end. This is not only ensured by the author, who deals directly with the work, but also by our quality department, which checks a translated work for all sorts of mistakes.

The students who want to claim such a service, but should be aware that such an order needs several days and unfortunately can not be made as an express translation. The same applies to a master’s thesis or a dissertation translation. The duration of the translation of any thesis is determined individually with each client.

Prices for the translation

Translating is clearly more laborious than proofreading or rewriting, and it requires additional language skills that not many authors have. Therefore, the cost of a translation is also higher than other services. For example, if you want to translate a 10-page term paper or paperwork into English and only give an author one week, it will cost you about $290. Standard time for such translations is 4-5 working days. The more time you give the author to translate, the less you will pay.

And here are the languages ​​our authors deal with

We have more than 255 authors working exclusively as native speakers. Consequently, we offer translations from English (American English and British English), French, Polish, Italian, Russian, Turkish and vice versa. Just fill out the order form and our team will contact you to clarify all the details of your order.

Why do students use translation services?

The main reason why students translate their work has been mentioned earlier. These are lack of language skills. Even if students seem to master a foreign language at a fairly good level, it may still be difficult for them to do a scientific paper in a foreign language. Because you have to strictly follow a scientific style, which even not all native speakers can, let alone exchange students. The second reason is lack of time. It really takes a long time to translate a scientific paper. Obviously, the number one goal of acquiring new skills is not having so many opportunities to engage in the process of translation.

And that’s not all!

Scientific work is not the only type of work our authors deal with. Our pros also translate blog articles, web pages, letters, thanks and even books. Do you need a qualitative translation? Then do not hesitate and contact our agency! We will do the best translation for you, so you will be completely satisfied!


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